9 Expert Tips for a Successful Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to remodeling jobs, certain projects require you to wait for products to arrive. To avoid supply chain problems, focus on work that doesn't require long waiting times, such as remodeling a kitchen that already has cabinets or a bathroom remodel that already has a nice dressing table. Not all supply chain issues are the same, and many kitchen remodels don't need high-demand products and can still be completed within a normal time frame. Doing these jobs gives your remodeling company the opportunity to close more projects while you wait for jobs that require you to wait in supply chains.

Be creative about the jobs you accept, so that you're always actively working on renovations and don't wait for the product. It's also important to place the order from a trusted supplier, someone you can contact directly if there are delays or the item arrives damaged.If you want a modern kitchen look but don't want an island, consider installing a kitchen peninsula or a mobile island that folds out so that it doesn't get in the way when needed. Sears Home Services offers a full range of kitchen renovation services, with quality products, industry-leading warranties and installation services you can trust. The experts at Sears have the knowledge and experience needed to bring your kitchen cabinets to life, from ensuring that your hanging wall cabinets are combined with the aesthetic features of your windows.

Much more than just a functional surface, the kitchen splash guard has become an important feature of many modern kitchens.With reliable warranties on all kitchen products and more than 125 years of experience counseling homeowners, Sears Home Services is the trusted name in kitchen remodels and renovations. Amber Carfield is the design director of Kitchens by Good Guys, a kitchen remodeling company in Scottsdale, Arizona. She has been working in the kitchen remodeling industry since 2000 and is an expert in all aspects of kitchen remodeling. From reclaimed wood to nautical details and copper finishes, kitchen splash guards are one of the best ways to add life and personality to your kitchen.

Sears offers a full range of renovation and replacement services, including custom cabinets, kitchen cabinet renovation, and refinished cabinets.Sears Home Services offers a free, no-obligation consultation on kitchen remodeling, making it easier to manage your finances. According to Michael Menn, an architect, builder and home remodeler in Northbrook, Illinois, the biggest mistake most homeowners make when renovating a kitchen is not planning properly. Designing the kitchen of your dreams can be an exciting renovation project that can involve tearing down walls and selecting everything from floors to splash guards and appliances.Kitchen islands have been very popular over the past few decades, as people are looking for kitchen design solutions that are open-plan and family-friendly. That's why we spoke to nine experts, including architects, designers and flooring professionals, to find out what mistakes you should avoid when renovating your kitchen.As an expert in kitchen renovations, here are my top tips for working with suppliers during your kitchen renovation:1. Focus on work that doesn't require long waiting times - such as remodeling a kitchen that already has cabinets or a bathroom remodel that already has a nice dressing table.


Place orders from trusted suppliers - someone you can contact directly if there are delays or the item arrives damaged.


Consider installing a kitchen peninsula, mobile island or kitchen splash guard for modern looks without taking up too much space.


Take advantage of free consultations from reliable companies like Sears Home Services.


Plan ahead - designing the kitchen of your dreams requires careful planning.


Consider open-plan solutions like kitchen islands.


Speak with experts - architects, designers and flooring professionals can help you avoid common mistakes.


Make sure all products come with reliable warranties.


Don't forget about aesthetics - choose features like splash guards to add life and personality to your kitchen.

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