some tuesday ramblings

it's a dark and stormy tuesday in march. we've had an early spring here in the midwest. the dogwoods are in full bloom and that fresh, bright emerald foliage is popping up everywhere. but today is gloomy and chilly and rain is absolutely pouring down outside, so we are holed up in the house resisting the urge to stay in our pjs all curled up on the couch binge watching Netflix. instead, we have some mumford and sons playing, a favorite candle lit, a cozy sweater donned, and some coffee in hand. and by "we" i mean "i" - not sure why i'm pretending that theo actually cares about such things.

theo took a three hour nap today and he is playing happily by himself. he really has me fooled that this parenting thing is easy.  *and all of the more experienced mamas are laughing* no really, we certainly have our hard days, but today is not one of them. hence, I am getting some time to write - something I haven't done in quite a long time. the desire to write something longer than an instagram caption comes and goes. i would be the first to admit that i should never win an award for most consistent blogger. for me, once a hobby is not fun, what's the point?

i'm really looking forward to planting our spring crop garden. i haven't had a garden since the first summer we were married. it seems every year something comes up and planting season is behind us before we know it. this year, we're prepared. jeff built me a lovely little raised garden bed with an automatic watering system.  he is quite an obliging and handy husband. i just can't get him to agree to backyard chickens. maybe next year.

we are kind of in a limbo these days. this little home has served us well, but we don't foresee ourselves staying here much longer. we remodeled the whole house when we first purchased it almost three years ago, but there are still lots of little things that are bugging me. but at this point, the motivation to finish them is lacking. the trim that never got that second coat of paint. the landscaping - or lack thereof - in the side yard. the building of a built-in pantry that got put off. you know, just stuff. we got tired of our home being a construction zone and paying off debt became a higher priority, so we stopped all the projects. i can't believe we have actually lived in the same house for three years. that's a record for us. i've really enjoyed it though. it has felt good to settle down and welcome our son into a space that is truly ours.

anyway, i don't have a point to this post. it just feels good to ramble.