home tour pt 3: master bedroom + nursery tour

earlier this month when i started this mini home tour series, i mentioned that we were beginning the process of finding another investment house to renovate. we were thinking that we would take our time with getting this place on the market, but the reality that these spring months are the peak market window made us reevaluate our timeline. so, fast forward a couple of weeks and there's a sign in our yard and we *may* have already found our next home! there's a lot of "hurry up and wait" going on over here. we are no strangers to home renovations or living in a construction zone, but this will be our first time with a baby in tow. this summer just got a whole lot more interesting - providing things continue to more forward. hopefully this time around, i'll get around to blogging before & after pictures before we're about to move out.

anyway, enough about that! here is the third and last installment of the tour series (see here for pt 1 and here for pt 2). there are two bedrooms in this house and they are tiny. i don't have a wide angle lens, so it's hard to really see, but you'll get the general idea.

this is the master bedroom as it was when we purchased the house and it gets the most glorious natural light in the morning and early afternoon. give me alllll the southeast facing windows, please!

this was the first house we have owned that had wood floors throughout, and i don't think i'll ever be able to go back.

i nearly killed that fiddle leaf fig by moving it around the house too much, but it is slowly reviving & it loves that morning light. 

the lights are from target from a year and a half ago. and the bedding is collected from target, ikea, or thrifted.

we opted for no curtains in here as we love that light and curtains just made the room feel smaller.

the mirror was thrifted several years ago and i gold leafed the frame to give it a little revival. the jewelry dish was thrifted and the chest is part of a beautiful mid-centery set that was purchased from a friend.

the wall hanging was made with some leather, a little brass tube and the thickest yarn i could find at hobby lobby.

below is the before picture of the nursery.

the rocker was thrifted for $20. i didn't realize how much a good rocker cost until we began searching for one for the nursery. even though i typically nurse theo in bed, we have loved having a rocker in his room for those (now rare) middle of the night feedings and bedtime stories.

the crib and curtains are from ikea.

the dresser is from ikea and we painted it and changed the pulls. it's the perfect height to double as a changing station.

I like having all the essential oils and homemade creams i use on theo handy but out of his reach.

 those are ikea picture ledges that work nicely for books. theo likes to pick out his book to read before bedtime.

i jazzed up the nursery closet with these wash tape crosses. i followed the tutorial by emily loeffelman and i love how it turned out!

nothing super fancy. we are casual people and i think that was clearly reflected in these pictures (note crooked pictures and a dust bunny here and there). i hope that this little tour is inspiring to other couples who might be considering tackling their first home renovation. there's a lot you can do to small & ugly starter homes on a small budget.

be sure to check out the other parts of the tour as we did lots of fun stuff to the main living space of the house.

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