a trip to the arboretum // a lovely may weekend

jeffrey was out of town this last weekend, so theo and i scheduled little outings to keep us from going crazy. thankfully, the weather was absolutely gorgeous. saturday was that perfectly cool & sunny combination that makes lugging a stroller and baby paraphernalia around tolerable without breaking a sweat.  so, i decided that the afternoon called for a starbucks run and a walk around a nearby park and gardens.

the arboretum is such a fun little place to learn about new plants and see how crazy huge some of them can get with the proper environment and care. it gave me new house plant aspirations for sure!

the rose gardens were suffering from a nasty disease, so they weren't as pretty as i had remembered them being in the past, but it was still fun to walk around. this oak leaf hydrangea was doing quite well though. 

usually, i am quite content to just stay at home or in the backyard, but lately, i have been wanting to get out of the house so much more. some of that is due to theo getting older and needing more activities to tire him out. but most of that itch to get out has to do with me avoiding packing up our house. our move date is coming up so quickly and i have much to do. mainly, get ready for a garage sale this weekend. ugh. 

i am really thankful the house sold so quickly. we only had three showings and two of them were on the same day. i really cannot complain about that, but all things involved in buying and selling a house are just so exhausting regardless. 

 i really cannot wait until we get our next house situation settled so i can share pictures. it will be another fun fixer upper. we are gluttons for punishment, i guess! 

i mean, is this place not dreamy? if my plant collecting addiction was not already borderline nutty, i am a complete basket case now! 

my sweet theo thoroughly enjoyed his first time on the park swings. 

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a happy monday so far.