a visit to the apple orchard

earlier this month we traveled up to minnesota for my brother's wedding. it was a (quick) long weekend filled with family, good food, and celebrating my brother and his new wife. before the wedding festivities began, we snuck away to a nearby apple orchard to take a few family pictures. oklahoma just doesn't have apple orchards like the good ol' north. i always forget how green and soft the grass is up there! although the winters are long and brutal (and i really really dislike being cold), minnesota is so beautiful and i miss it.

i've shared some of these images on social media already, but i really needed them documented here too. our summer was so, so intense and crazy that i didn't really have time to keep up with blogging. i want to do a better job now that we have a little one and another on the way. time goes by so quickly.

seriously? this guy is a JOY.

and the start of a bump! i think i was 15 or 16 weeks here. i'm always checking my pregnancy app to keep track of what week i am this time around. between chasing a toddler and living in a house under total renovation, my brain is mush.

this blanket was my mom's grandmother's first knitting project.

look at them apples...

i promise i don't coach him. this is all theodore.