Our Corner Cottage Master Bedroom Tour

It must be some kind of record for us to have completed our master bedroom before the living room. Usually, our room is the very last space to be put together - if it even ever feels complete at all!

This room is on the larger side and we have a decent sized walk-in closet as well. Since we have only ever lived in older homes, closet/storage space has always been limited, but we became used to it. This room was an addition to our 1930’s house. The little walk-in closet feels huge to us. I didn’t take pictures in there, but we built an IKEA system closet so we wouldn’t have to have two dressers out in the room.


We received this gorgeous bedroom set from Hedge House Furniture about a month ago. I can’t even tell you how much it up-levels the space. We have never ever had an actual bedroom set, so we are in heaven. I think the brass + leather pulls on the nightstands and dresser are my favorite detail.

We love Hedge House and everything we have received from them (our dining room set is from them as well) is top notch quality.

Rug | sheepskin rug | Windsor Bed (king) | Avers nightstands

If you have followed this renovation closely, then you know we have used Hudson Valley Lighting fixtures throughout our home. It has been almost 7 months of us being in our house and I still love everything.

I chose this simple flush mount pendant for our bedroom. Back at the very beginning of this renovation when I was choosing lighting, I wasn’t exactly sure what style direction I would take our bedroom, but I felt like this pendant could go just about any way I wanted. And I am so happy with my choice!


Our master bathroom is fairly small (see the tour here), so having a vanity out in our room has been really helpful. Eventually, I would love to refinish this vintage vanity and hang a lighted mirror.


This room has windows on three sides and gets amazing light throughout the day. I love doing window ledges for my plants. We’ve done this in several of our houses now. The plants get lots of light while not taking up floor space or blocking much of the windows. Win-win!

Our house is in a valley with woods out the back. It’s a fairly private area so we actually don’t shut the curtains often. But, we can and do sometimes even with the plant shelf there.

Our curtains and curtain rods are all from IKEA. Since we have moved every couple of years for awhile, I’ve never invested much into window treatments since we end up leaving them with the house when we sell it. I explain which curtains and hardware we purchased here.


These chairs are from Target.


One of the best things we have done for encouraging restful sleep is to put essential oil diffusers by our bed! There are so many amazing sleep-supporting oils and the calming mini-humidifiers by our bed have helped us immensely. I also like to keep a sleep blend in a roller bottle on my nightstand and my hubby keeps a snore-stopping blend on his side ;). We roll them on our feet before bed because our bodies absorb things quickly into our bloodstream through our feet.

Stone diffuser | Large (500ml) diffuser


My friend, Rachel, makes beautiful weavings out of her shop, Unanchored Studios! She helped me pick out the perfect color combo for this one and I am so happy with it.

Sconces (Garden City in polished nickel) | lumbar pillow | textured blanket | duvet + shams |

We used Sherwin Williams paint throughout the house. All of the walls are painted in “Snowbound.” We’ve used that color in a lot of projects and really love the tone of white. All of the trim throughout the house is Dunn Edwards “Foggy Day” color matched to SW paint.

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