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My Favorite Nontoxic Hair Care Products

I have a pretty simple hair care routine. I get my hair done about twice a year (thank you, balayage). I wash my hair a couple of times a week, and I typically let it air dry - except for my bangs. I tame my cowlick with the blow dryer for just a couple of minutes. I don’t really know how to explain how to do this, but I found this Youtube video that shows you basically what I do.


It has taken me quite a while to find a natural shampoo and conditioner that works on my hair. I wanted a gentle shampoo that didn’t leave my hair feeling stripped of all of the natural oils, but still clean. Such a difficult balance! And finding a truly moisturizing conditioner is a feat! I have fairly long hair that can get dry on the ends. And I always felt like I had to use 1/3 of the conditioner bottle to really moisturize my ends.

Last summer, I was pretty fed up with spending money on expensive nontoxic hair products that didn’t work for my hair. In a last ditch effort, I purchased the Copaiba Vanilla Moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from Young Living. I don’t know why I waited so long to try it since I’ve used their essential oils for years. I guess I thought one company couldn’t do that many things right. Haha! I really love both the shampoo and conditioner, but what really got me hooked was the conditioner. It is SO creamy and moisturizing without being greasy or leaving a residue. It’s a tangly, long hair life-saver!

Blonde hair tip: add 1-2 drops of Blue Tansy essential oil to your shampoo bottle to tone down the brassy vibes.

I like putting all of our shower products into matching bottles - because I’m extra like that. I typically use glass bottles for everything, but I do use plastic for my shower bottles because I drop things all of the time. I don’t need that kind of stress in the mornings.

As my hair is drying, I’ll put a few drops of Mirah Lustrous Hair Oil in the ends of my hair to moisturize and calm frizz. Since I go several days in between washing, I’ll also put a few drops on the ends of my hair at night before bed. By the morning, my hair has absorbed all of the oil!

My favorite dry shampoo I have been using for the last year and half is from Chagrin Valley. I get the dark hair lavender rosemary. It’s definitely messier to apply than an aerosol dry shampoo spray, but this is way cheaper and healthier. I used to go through 1-2 bottles of $5+ dry shampoo a month. I’ve spent a whole $18 on dry shampoo and this will last me a full two years.

I’ve had my Nume curling wand for several years, and I love it for achieving loose beach waves. I have the 25mm size. I don’t curl the very ends of my hair because one, I like how it looks, and two, it is less stressful on my hair.

Coconut oil hair mask: put melted coconut oil into an applicator bottle (so much easier and less messy than trying to dump the oil on your head!) and add several drops of Rosemary, Cedarwood, and Lavender essential oils. Leave on your hair for at least an hour and overnight if you can! Wash out well and mentally prepare yourself for compliments.

If I don’t have time for a full coconut mask, I really like using this simple "Long Hair Don’t Care” DIY mini mask: In a 4oz glass bottle, add 20 drops each of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Rosemary. And 10 drops of Peppermint. Fill the rest of the bottle up with either fractionated coconut oil or jojoba oil. If you have lots of baby hairs or want to encourage hair growth, massage this oil into your scalp before bed or an hour or so before you shower.