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Essential Oils Starter Kit

To sign up for your starter kit, ORDER HERE and make sure the number 2394646 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. I highly suggest getting started with the Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist or the Dew Drop Diffuser.

Signing up as a member does not mean you have to sell oils, it just means you are getting a starter kit & will receive 24% off retail prices should you choose to order again.

Next, you can choose to set up your Essential Rewards monthly autoship. I highly recommend this as a way to order those things you wish to have outside the kit and begin to cut toxins from your home with Young Living cleaning products & makeup. However, signing up for autoship is not required to receive your 24% discount.

When you sign up as a wholesale member, you have the option of joining our private wellness group on Facebook, which is where you can learn everything you need to know about using your oils & connecting with an amazing and inspiring community. 

If you are interested in selling the oils and earning an income, I would love to have you! I am passionate about helping women earn income to help support their families! We have monthly business bootcamps & provide a step-by-step mentorship program to everyone who joins our tribe!


Grabbing your starter kit is simple! Simply CLICK HERE and follow the 5 steps below! 

1. Check "Wholesale Member" (this is really important!) rather than "Retail Customer". This doesn't mean you have to sell oils! It simply gets you your kit + a 24% wholesale discount. 

2. Choose the starter kit with the dewdrop diffuser or desert mist diffuser - unless you want to upgrade to the Rainstone or Aria (MY FAVE)!

3. Now, you can  set up a monthly wellness box (called Essential Rewards). This is my absolute favorite part of Young Living! It is hands down the best way to begin a nontoxic lifestyle and receive SO many freebies/rewards points in the process!

I personally build my own order every month to stock up on things we use every day + products I want to try! Some favorites (outside of the starter kit oils) are:

+ Cinnamint Lip Balm // Infused with pure cinnamon and peppermint essential oils! These never leave my person.

+ Mineral-based bronzer in “Summer Loved.” // For the BEST sun-kissed gloooow. Um yes.

+ Progessence Plus // Hellloooo hormones + glowy skin support! 2 drops on your forearms every day is all you need. I will never NOT have a bottle on hand.

+ White Angelica // I wear this oil as a perfume on my wrists and it’s a part of my bedtime sleepy diffuser blend that I use every. single. dang. night. 

+ Purification // eliminates odors like you wouldn’t believe! I add a couple of drops to particularly stinky loads of laundry (or ones I’ve left wet in the washer for a day - or more - oops!) + on a cotton ball in the bottom of trashcans + down the garbage disposal + a drop on a breakout + diffuse after cooking broccoli. It’s a must-have.

+ Cedarwood // bedtime necessity + hair health. Add it to hair masks & face masks! Put a drop on your big toe before bed for some serious sleep support.

+ Orange // For whiter teeth + up level your diffuser blends. Citrus oils are my favorite way to jazz up a diffuser blend and Orange is the BEST!

+ Tranquil roller // You need this! For sleep support + chilling out + calming the kiddos during witching hour.

+ Mint Facial Scrub // Gently exfoliates and leaves your face minty-fresh! It feels like a straight up spa and rejuvenates your skin so well! Use 2x a week (I like to keep it in the shower)!

+ Thieves Household Cleaner // for cleaning all the things. It is plant based, is as effective as bleach, and is safe to use around babies and pets. It’s the only cleaner you need.

4. Enter your name, address, etc.! Create a username, password, and pin. Write these down so you have easy access to the site again!

5. Check out and confirm!

I am so excited for you to get your kit & enter our amazing community. You're in good hands! After you sign up, I will email you with alllll the info you need within a couple days!